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  1. Please fill out this form to finalize your quilt booking.

  2.  Pay close attention to the Terms & Conditions; all clothing must be washed without fabric softener / dryer sheets and pet hair must be removed prior to the intake appointment.

  3. You can expect a text from us the month prior to your booked month with a link to Ann's scheduling app for your intake appointment. This intake appointment occurs the month prior to your quilt booking month.  

    • Example: If you booked in May, your intake appointment will be in April.

  4. If you are on the waiting list, you will be notified should an appointment open up sooner than your booked month. 




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In the event an appointment opens up sooner than your booking date, would you like to be added to the waiting list?


Your deposit of $200 is nonrefundable.  In the event you need to reschedule your quilt project, notification must be given 2 months prior (by the first of the month) in order to avoid paying a second $200 deposit.  

Crafty Moose Quilts can not be held responsible for damages to clothing items / quilts that occur due to natural disasters, fires, or accidents.  Crafty Moose Quilts uses a trusted outside vendor for all quilting, and often hires a trusted quilter to prep all t-shirts, the rest of the process takes place at the workplace of Crafty Moose Quilts. 

Crafty Moose Quilts, Ann Skaehill, reserves the right to reject clothing during the intake appointment that has not been properly laundered. This could result in a project being rescheduled to the next available opening which could be months down the road.

By signing this form you are indicating your understanding of and agreement to these terms and conditions. 

Thank you for booking your quilt with the Moose!
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