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Memory Quilts

Memory Quilt
dress shirt quilt
quilt from clothes

Losing a loved one brings about unforeseen challenges of many kinds. We help you capture your loved one's personality and style by turning their clothing items into beloved quilts.

Pricing varies on our Memory Quilts because we want to ensure you're able to include as many meaningful items as possible.  This isn't just a sale for us, this is also a ministry for us.  It's a gift to be able to use our skills to bless you and with a keepsake that will last lifetimes.  The average of all the Memory Quilts from 2022 was approximately $625 with just a handful of memory quilts ranging under $500 and over $800.

Please contact us to walk talk through the types of clothing you have so we can better understand the scope of your project.  It's our joy to talk with you, help you, and learn about your loved one.  

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