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Do you have a pile of t-shirts that encompass mounds of memories? We help you go from boxes of t-shirts to a "tapestry scrapbook" so that you can relive those memories for years to come and free up some closet space at the same time. 

The process in a nutshell

Book It

Book your quilt using the "book a quilt" button on this page. Pay your deposit, fill out the form via your email, and you're all set!

Worker Bee

Radio silence during the worker bee period isn't a bad thing, it means we are busy behind the scenes making your quilt the best it can be.

Intake Appointment

One month before your booked quilt you'll receive a link to set up your intake appointment. Bring ALL clothing items to this appointment. We will also create your invoice at this appointment.


You'll receive updates via text each time your quilt moves on to the next phase of production.

Design Choices

When we start on your quilt you get to help make design decisions via photos sent to through text. Don't panic, we make it extremely easy on you.

It's Finished

Proof of completion photos will be sent to you, you pay your final payment, and select a pick up time (or we ship it back to you).


T-Shirt Quilt
T-Shirt Quilt

The average quilt is about 24-30 shirt sides: $565 - $700

Example: 24 x $25.75 = $618 + $25 for borders = $643 pre-tax 

(Pricing as of January 2024: Pricing could change due to supply costs.)

Item Sizing & Pricing

  • $31 | XL Size Images: dimensions are equal to or larger than 14"x18"

  • $25.75 | Full Size Images: both dimensions measure 7" or more

  • $13 | Half Size Images: only one dimension measures 6" or less

  • $6.50 | Pocket Size Images: both dimensions measure 6" or less 

    • Up to 5 free pocket-sized images with at least 20 paid shirts, otherwise the cost is $6.50 per pocket-sized image​  ​

  • $6 | Patches can be added to quilts for $6 each​

    • Includes logos needing to be removed and sewn on elsewhere​

  • $25 | Borders are $25 for two solid colored fabrics​

    • Mock ups are provided to make it easier on you to choose ​

Included in the cost: 

  • Custom design unique to your t-shirts

  • Backing and binding fabric 

  • Double weave interfacing on each shirt to keep them from pulling, stretching or drooping

  • Professional long-arm quilting; you get to choose from 16 stitch patterns 

  • Multiple updates including photos during the progression of your quilt


T-Shirt Quilt
T-Shirt quilt

  1. Wash and dry the shirts. New shirts can bleed excessive dye and you don't want that on your brand new quilt.

  2. Dot not use fabric softener of any kind (liquid / sheets / scented pearls, etc).  Laundry additives leave a film on clothing and it is more difficult for the interfacing to adhere to the back of the clothing. 

  3. Please ensure your clothes are free of pet hair to the best of your ability. 

  4. Do not cut your shirts. It's our pleasure to create your custom piece from start to finish. 

  5. Labeling Shirts:

    • Local Customers: We will go through your clothing items together about a month before your quilt booking. 

    • For customers outside of the DFW area who need to ship their shirts: Clearly mark which side(s) of the shirts that you want included in the quilt. Most customers will make one stack and tie them together with a label that says front and back, another stack tied together with a label that says front only, etc.  We have also seen labeled grocery sacks, safety pins, masking tape, and more!​

Types of clothing that are not recommended for your quilt:

  • Denim pockets / denim in general

  • Anything that includes a zipper, snaps, or metal

  • Bling shirts 

  • Collars from thick materials like military uniforms

  • Anything that will melt from the heat of the iron (like tulle, and some dance/skating costumes)

  • Logos from baseball hats / caps

  • Cheerleading uniforms are difficult to work with but in some cases we can use them but must quilt around them.

Types of clothing we CAN use:

  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops

  • Baby clothing (we can cut out sleeper zippers and sew the gap together)

  • Patches (there is a small charge to sew patches to suitable fabrics)

  • Jerseys / Dry-wick shirts

  • Baseball uniforms (buttons will be removed and shirt sewn together)

  • T-Shirt Pockets with logos on them (pockets will be sewn shut)

  • Tae Kwon Do uniforms / guis

  • Uniform skirts / shirts / pants

How does it work?

Jersey Quilt
Jersey Quilt

When do I need your shirts: 

We will meet for your intake appointment one month before your booked quilt.  For example, if you're booked for April, I'll send you my personal appointment link at the beginning of March.  We will go through all of your clothing items so I can take notes and begin your invoice.  (For those outside of the DFW area we will meet via FaceTime or Zoom after I receive your clothing items.)

How is payment handled: 

(Deposit of $200 is due upon booking via the website.)

Half of your invoice, minus your previously paid deposit, is due at your intake appointment.  The remainder is due upon completion no matter if you're local or if we meet via zoom.  I accept Paypal and Credit/Debit cards through my invoicing platform. Out of state customers must pay in full upon completion before the quilt will be shipped.

How I handle your clothing/quilt:

Each customer is assigned a clear bin with a locking lid.  The bin stays closed until it's time for me to work on your quilt.  Once I finish the quilt top, it's bagged up and hand-delivered to a local long arm quilter called Happy Quilts.  This family business takes excellent care of your quilt top and they hand-deliver it back to me once it is quilted.  The final steps are trimming the quilt, binding it, and taking photos of it.  Upon completion you'll be contacted with photos and next steps.

How to
book a quilt

Baseball Jersey Quilt
Senior TShirt Quilt

Booking your Quilt:

  1. Click on BOOK A QUILT at the bottom of this page.

  2. Select the year in which you would like to have your quilt completed.

  3. Select the month in which you would like to have your quilt completed. NOTE: If I am booked for that month, it will show inventory of zero.​

  4. Add to cart to pay the booking fee.

  5. Check your email for the form that must be completed and signed to complete your booking request.

​Booking Tips:

Crafty Moose Quilts is typically booked an entire year in advance.  High School Seniors need to schedule their projects at least 3-4 years in advance. It takes us an average of 4-6 weeks to complete your quilt once we receive your shirts.  We will contact you the month before your booked quilt to set up your intake appointment. 


Need More help?

If you're still unsure and need some help, you can request a quote or contact me.  I always do my best to get back to you

in a timely manner.

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