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T-Shirt Quilts


Do you have a pile of t-shirts that encompass mounds of memories? We help you go from boxes of t-shirts to a "tapestry scrapbook" so that you can relive those memories for years to come and free up some closet space at the same time. 

Current pricing as of January 2021:

  • $22.50 per shirt side

  • $20 flat fee for 2 border fabrics 

  • Up to 10 free pocket logos with at least 20 paid shirts, otherwise $5.75 per pocket logo 

  • The average quilt is about 24 shirt sides x $22.50 = $540 + $20 for borders = $560 pre-tax.  

Included in the cost: 

  • Custom design unique to your t-shirts

  • Double weave interfacing on each shirt to keep them from pulling or drooping

  • Professional long-arm quilting; you get to choose from 16 different stitch patterns that all look amazing on clothing quilts

  • Multiple updates including photos during the progression of your quilt

Preparing your shirts:

  1. Wash and dry the shirts without fabric softener.  New can shirts bleed excessive dye and you don't want that on your brand new quilt.

  2. Please ensure your clothes are free of pet hair. 

  3. Do not cut your shirts. It's our pleasure to create your custom piece from start to finish. 

  4. Labeling Shirts:

    • Local Customers: We will go through your clothing items together about a month before your quilt appointment. 

    • For customers outside of the DFW area who need to ship their shirts:  Clearly mark which side(s) of the shirts that you want included in the quilt. Most customers will make one stack and tie them together with a label that says front and back, another stack tied together with a label that says front only, etc. We have also seen labeled grocery sacks, safety pins, masking tape, and more!


When do I need your shirts: 

Once you have a scheduled month/year for your quilt, I will text you a link to my scheduling app about a month before your scheduled appointment.  For example, if you're scheduled for April, I'll send you the link at the beginning of March.  We will meet to go through all of your clothing items so I can take notes and begin your invoice.  (For those outside of the DFW area we will meet via zoom after I receive your clothing items.)

How is payment handled: 

Half of your invoice is due up front and the other half is due upon completion no matter if you're local or if we meet via zoom.  I currently use Paypal for invoicing but I accept payments via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and cash. 

How I handle your clothing/quilt:

Each customer is assigned a clear bin with a locking lid.  The bin stays closed until it's time for me to work on your quilt.  Once I finish the quilt top, it's bagged up and hand-delivered to a local long arm quilter called Happy Quilts.  This family business takes excellent care of your quilt and they hand-deliver it back to me once it is quilted.  The final steps are to trim the quilt, bind it, and take photos of it.  Then you'll be contacted with proof of completion photos.


Scheduling your Quilt:

Please reach out as soon as possible regarding your project.  Crafty Moose Quilts is typically booked an entire year in advance.  High School Seniors need to schedule their projects at least 3-4 years in advance. 

It takes us an average of 4 weeks to complete your quilt once we receive your shirts.  Once you're on our schedule we will contact you the month beforehand to set up your intake appointment. 

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