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T-Shirt Quilt

Order a Custom
t-shirt quilt DESign

Are you already a quilter and want to make a t-shirt quilt yourself, but you can't find a pattern or don't want to do the math?  I've got you!  Let me create a custom t-shirt quilt design for you so you can assemble the quilt yourself.

Here's what you'll get from me:

T-Shirt quilt Design

Digital Layout

Your digital layout document will look just like a regular pattern with each block represented with the wording from your t-shirts included in each block.  It will show the shirts grouped by section and labeled A-Z indicating the order in which the sections need to be assembled.

TShirt Quilt Design

Cutting Dimensions

You'll receive a second diagram showing the cutting dimensions for each t-shirt. A detailed list for cutting your fabric will also be included for the borders, backing, and binding. 

Quilting Fabric

Material Needs

Let me do all the math for you!  I'll tell you approximately how much interfacing you need to buy as well as the exact fabric requirements for your borders, backing, and binding.

Not Included: Seam allowances, assumed WOF, seam pressing suggestions and interfacing recommendations,

Not Included:

This service is best suited for those who are already quilters.

Not included in the Custom T-Shirt Quilt Design service:

  • Step by step instructions (prep, cutting, assembly, borders, backing, etc.)

  • Tool recommendations including rulers, needles, sewing machine feet, thread, etc.

  • Interfacing cutting/pressing instructions

  • Finishing instructions including trimming and binding


Pricing is calculated by the number of shirt sides you want included in your quilt.  For example, if you have a baseball jersey and you want to include the front and the back of the jersey, it is considered two sides. 

Memory Quilt

12-22 Shirt Sides

T-Shirt quilt

23-30 Shirt Sides

Prosper high school quilt

31+ Shirt Sides

How it works

1 / Book an Appointment

Use the form below to book your design appointment.

2 / Contact & Invoicing

You'll be contacted in a timely manner wherein we will discuss the timing of your project.  Invoicing will occur at this stage.  50% of your fee is due up front and the remainder is due upon completion in Step 6.

3 / Take Pictures and Measurements

In order for me to properly plan your quilt I will need a picture of every shirt side you want included, as well as the dimensions of the images on each shirt side.   I will email you a PDF document that shows you exactly what to do.

4 / Upload Your Photos and Measurements

I will email you a link to a shared folder where you will upload each photo and put the measurements in the description.

5 / Design & Approval 

Using Adobe Illustrator, I will create your quilt design directly from the information you've provided to me. Before I do all of the math I will ensure you approve of the design via text or email, whichever you prefer. 

6 / Review

We will review your files together after I've sent them to you, ensuring you are satisfied with your design and measurements. 

high school band quilt

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Football quilt
Memory Quilt
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