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I hate making t-shirt quilts

Is this you? Are you a quilter who loves it when a quilt is perfectly balanced and uniform in color? You love it when the texture is the same throughout, right? You can get behind a scrappy quilt but you truly love choosing your fabrics and using only those fabrics throughout a quilt. Maybe you think t-shirts are just kind of yucky and you can't understand the lure of making a t-shirt quilt.

"Oh! You're a quilter? Can you make me a t-shirt quilt?" <-- How many times have you been asked this when someone finds out that you know how to quilt?

college memory quilt from t-shirts
Texas Tech t-shirt quilt

Maybe you're a quilter who just doesn't know how to make a t-shirt quilt or you tried to learn before and you just didn't fully absorb the process. Maybe you feel like an electric technician who has just been asked to fix a plumbing leak, sure they are both service trades but they require completely different skills. Is that how t-shirt quilts feel to you?

I have been working for MONTHS (April 2023 - February 2024) on creating a system that is extremely simple to follow so that ANY quilter can make a t-shirt quilt with confidence. My focus group is loving the system, a local store owner loves the system, and several people have asked if they can start making a t-shirt quilt after reading through the first pattern.

Hang with me, y'all. I'm working diligently behind the scenes to bring you a system that will make it painless to craft a t-shirt quilt for yourself or for others.

I can also appreciate that our hobby is expensive and sometimes you feel like you need to bring some income in from your hobby in order for you to keep playing with fabrics and patterns. One of the things I'm building is an online self-paced course to teach you how to start your own t-shirt quilting business. Hear me out, I know it's not the same as making a traditional quilt or playing with that yummy stack of fat quarters you just bought! But ...

YOU HAVE A SKILL THAT CAN ADD VALUE TO SOMEONE'S LIFE. I know, it's a big statement. And I mean every word of it.

memory quilt after the loss of a parent
Snuggled into Dad's t-shirts

This little guy lost his daddy unexpectedly. He couldn't sleep and missed his dad so much. His mom reached and I was able to take a stack of t-shirts and turn them into something this little dude snuggled with while he worked through the rawness of his grief. You might not believe it but even the family dog snuggled into it.

I think the most beautiful thing about making t-shirt quilts for others is that you're making them a scrapbook they can wrap up in, and when we lose someone we love the thing we crave the most is their touch. It's not the same and can never be the same, but it's a tangible reminder of love that we can wrap ourselves into.

T-Shirt quilt patterns made simple
T-Shirt Quilt Pattern System Coming Soon!

My T-Shirt Tiles system WILL be coming to you sometime in 2024. It's become a passion project for me and I'm very particular about making sure it makes sense, it's easy to follow, and it's packed with helpful tips. I want to help you, not confuse you!

Subscribe to my email list at the bottom of this page to be the very first to know as the patterns, courses, and hopefully MORE are available to you! Kindness makes the world a better place to live, and using your skills to bless others is a superb way of showing that kindness.

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I can’t wait for your T-Shirt Tiles system to come to me with some great ideas, easy to follow instructions, helpful tips and your guidance!!! I made ONE T-shirt quilt

“on a whim” in 2001 and haven’t made one since, but have many T-Shirts in different piles for 5 people to do from long ago! I have some catching up to do🥰 I just know it’s going to be fun!!


I love this and your why totally made me tear up. I am now willing to give it a go. I will be waiting with anticipation for your guidance and already have a stack of my sons and husbands tee-shirts ready to be crafty and made into art. They have no idea I have been keeping their tee's hidden in secret........hee hee hee. Thank you for being awesome!

Replying to

Oh gosh I love this so much. It may look like nothing it happening over here but I promise there are conversations galore going on over here to ensure this is launched well for people with big goals, just like yours!


I am so excited for your guidance with t-shirt quilts … I have family members begging for them!

Replying to

YAY!!!!!!! Stay tuned! I'm working hard to ensure the patterns are thorough and the courses are helpful! There's some big work to be done. It's all going to come together just beautifully in due time.

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