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Why the name "Moose"?

Photo from the Smithsonian Institution
Mr. Moose from Captain Kangaroo

Why the name "moose?" I actually get this question quite a bit. I know it's not a conventional business name. Here's the story ...

When I was little and my sisters were off to school, I had the TV to myself while my mom cleaned, made grocery lists, sewed our clothes, and pretty much ran the entire household. I could not wait until Captain Kangaroo was on because neither of my big sisters were there to nitpick my favorite show. If you're the youngest, you understand this to your core. My excitement grew as the show played on because I knew Mr. Moose would arrive on set at any minute. He always made it rain ping pong balls and it sent me into fits of belly laughs. The moose was my absolute favorite part of the show.

Over time, my dad started to call me Annie Moose. And it just stuck. The sister 4 years my elder started to call me Moosie. I began to accumulate stuffed moose, moose stickers, and so on. When I had a son my dad called him Mini Moose. But now that son is 6'3" and he's called Mega Moose. My nieces and nephew call me Aunt Moose. And hence, my business just HAD to have a "moose" in it!

Creating a business from scratch has allowed me to truly make it mine. My ethics, character, love of clean lines, and even my name are all embedded into what I do. This is my dream job. My husband has encouraged me to build something I am proud of and something that brings me joy, and here she is. I give you Crafty Moose Quilts, my pride and joy.

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